West Of England Joint Spatial Plan Examination Statement On Matter 7.8 St. Modwen And The Tortworth Estate

The documents set below comprise the submissions that the Buckover Garden Village Team have made in response to questions raised by the Inspectors at the current Examination into the JSP in respect of the Buckover Garden Village Strategic Development Location (Matter 7.8: Buckover Garden Village SDL).

It should be noted that the illustrative material submitted as part of the appendices comprises iterative work-in-progress. It is submitted for illustrative purposes only to show the technical team’s evolving design thinking. Appendix 2 contains abridged material recently presented to the South West Design Review Panel. The material presented to the Design Review Panel is a snapshot of the design work as it was in April 2019. It also comprises iterative work-in-progress. However, that material has been submitted to the Examination to highlight the emerging design and development philosophies and to provide an illustration of the direction of travel on the delivery of the Buckover Garden Village SDL. Since the April 2019 presentation to the Design Review Panel, further refinement of ideas and designs has taken place; that work continues.