Review of the Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council Local Plan (2011-2029) and Viscount Lymington and Trustees of the Portsmouth Settled Estates

As Basingstoke and Deane Council continues its review of the Local Plan (2011-2029), a Concept Document for a Garden Community on Estate land has been submitted to the Council by Viscount Lymington and the Trustees of the Portsmouth Settled Estates.

To be known as “Upper Swallick Garden Community” the concept document proposes up to 2,500 homes, retail and employment and associated infrastructure. This Garden Community differs from many conventional developments in that the proposal is on land under the sole ownership of the Estate, and therefore gives freedom and choice as to the type of development proposed that is not always available elsewhere. This includes freedom to adhere to the best of true Garden Village principles and also allows for:-

It must be emphasised that these proposals are at an extremely early stage and subject to the Council’s review of the Local Plan. However, at the appropriate time there will be a comprehensive programme of information, engagement and consultation with the community and stakeholders. This would take place well before any final masterplans are drawn up or a planning application submitted.

In the meantime and, in keeping with the wishes of Viscount Lymington and the Trustees for openness and transparency from the outset, the concept document, which is illustrative and very much work in progress, can be accessed here:

Details and timings of Basingstoke and Deane’s Review of the Local Plan can be found here: